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Posted on June 24th, 2011 by BobbyGuitar

GUITARboy always wanted to play guitar ever since he was a young boy. In fact I used to watch the Ed Sullivan show and think that they played by turning the tuning pegs. Anyways, when I was eleven I finally got to go to my first guitar lessons. Ten dollars a month including the guitar. The worst guitar you could ever hope to play. (It later exploded while on top of the front closet). The lessons were at Olsen's School of Music which was sort of cool. We were taught in groups of 6-8 and every Saturday we had to go to large ensemble which was 40 guitars at once. We took turns playing bass lines, rythym and melody lines. Then every once in a while the 40 guitars would play at a venue of some sort. An old folks home would do

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